Accordion-fold brochure makes a marketing impact   

The Business Challenges 

According to their brand slogan, First Financial Bank wants to provide small businesses with the right size loan. To help their business division executives deliver that message in a tangible way, Creative Dimensions, the ad agency working with First Financial, wanted to develop a small but impactful brochure that would double as a business card holder. They considered an accordion fold design which would provide more surface for content. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fix the problem of securing the accordion fold. Creative Dimensions contacted Evolution creative solutions for custom design consulting services.  

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our Creative Solutions team mocked up sample accordion fold mini-brochures to test ideas for secure closures. The best solution was a band extending from the bottom that wrapped around and fit into a slit on the top to hold the accordion fold closed. Our designer worked with the ad agency to draw a template for the accordion-fold brochure which doubled as a business card holder. The ad agency completed the design work and Evolution printed the brochures and business cards to tuck inside. This unique approach to marketing design resulted in a brochure right-sized for First Financial’s messaging.   

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Paper stock100lb Endurance Silk CoverThis heavier stock is durable with a smooth texture. 
Folded business card holder finish size6.5” x 19” Accordion fold created custom business card holder and doubled as a marketing brochure 
Perforation Perforation One slit used to secure the band for closure. 
Accordion fold Accordion folds completed on the printer. 
Business card 3.5” x 4” Typical business card size 
PrintingDigital printing Digital printing is an efficient print process.