Badge extensions make for great introductions at your next big event   

Convention attendees want name badges that communicate more than just a name. Learn how our Creative Solutions team developed custom name badge extensions to solve this problem for a recent client.

The Business Challenges

World at Work® is a membership based global association for human resource professionals.They need name tags at  the educational summits and conventions they offer throughout the year. The badges need to include a name as well as any organizational roles or membership type specific to each attendee. Usually ribbon can be used to print badge extensions. Due to a tight deadline for one recent meeting there wasn’t time to source the ribbons. World at Work still wanted a solution for badge extensions. They turned to Evolution creative solutions for ideas. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our Creative Solutions team understood that World at Work needed a quick solution for name badges and badge extensions. They recommended brightly colored paper printed with designations such as “affiliate leader” or “council member.” These paper extensions were cut to match the length of  the name badge. Pre-printed double sided tape was applied to the top of the extension slip. Attendees could attach multiple badge extensions as a stack under their name badge. The bold colors were easily identifiable from a distance and attendees were noticed and identified by more than their name. Using paper was the the key to meeting the deadline and budget.  

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Paper stock for name badge 120lb Endurance Silk CoverHeavier cardstock used for more durability during multiple days of handling.
Paper stock for badge extensions 80lb Endurance Silk CoverThis paper has a slight sheen for a special event feel.  
Finish size for name badge 4” x 6”Typical size for name badge
Finish Size for badge extensions4.2 x 1.75Sized to fit under the name badge. 
PrintingDigital printingDigital printing is a quick, economical print option. 
Cutter for name  badge 2 slots cuts Slots cut in the upper right and left corner allowed for the double ended lanyard placement. 
Cutter for badge extensionsPost Press CuttingAll badge extensions were provided cut, taped, sorted and ready to be adhered to the name badge.
Adhesive for badge extensionsDouble sided tape Allows users to peel protective cover and stick badge extensions together.