Increase Direct to Consumer Sales with an E-commerce Site

Our automated e-commerce system Beyond Ink® is an innovative, customer-led ordering platform that can be used to create e-commerce sites. Take a look at how one entrepreneur used Beyond Ink to set up an online store.  

Client: Barely Blush

Business Challenge: Barely Blush is a premium nail care product company that started as a pop-up nail bar experience. When the pandemic hit they needed to move to an online store. Barely Blush wanted to be able to manage the content of the sales platform to keep the store updated, but they didn’t want to manage logistics like inventory or shipping.  

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink customized online store was the right solution for Barely Blush. After working with Barely Blush to define the product categories, we built an e-commerce platform that allows Barely Blush to sell products online. Barely Blush works independently from Evolution creative solutions to update products, photos, and content for the online store. Evolution creative solutions stores the Barely Blush inventory and fulfills and ships orders.

The simplified process of Beyond Ink for selling your product online:

  • Your marketing works with our in-house team to determine the platform set-up 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds the platform based on customer input 
  • Your marketing team uploads product photos and content to set up the e-commerce store
  • Customers access your website and purchase product through the online store
  • Evolution creative solutions ships the orders

Building a custom e-commerce site gave Barely Blush the ability to focus on business growth opportunities without having to manage logistics. 

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can help you sell your product online! 

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