Branded Promotional Items Help You Shine Bright with Customers

Celebrate once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your customers. Print branded promotional items to give away and associate your company name with good times.

The Business Challenges 

Cummins Facility Services  is a longstanding client of Evolution creative services. When they decided to provide bottled water and safety glasses to guests at their eclipse event they turned to the experts at Evolution. They needed a vendor to source labels and ISO approved glasses. They also needed a graphic designer to create branded labels for these promotional items.  

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

The Customer Solution Team was excited to be part of another Cummins Facility Services project. They found a vendor to provide the ISO approved eclipse glasses. The graphic designer on the team created a branded logo to print on the glasses as well as a unique eclipse logo to print on the water bottle label. The promotional items were delivered to Cummins Facility Services on time for their event. 

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Project Specifications for water bottle labels Rationale
Labels4mil GPA Vinyl PERM With SplitsPrinted water bottle labels were applied on site by the client. 
PrintingDigital A cost effective print option for sticker labels.   
Finished Label Size 8” x 1.25”Standard label size for water bottles.