Design marketing with your customer in mind! 

If your customers have visual disabilities, you need to print your marketing materials to meet their needs. Learn how we worked with Hamilton County Disability Services to print useful brochures for their clients. This printed single marketing sheet designed with a fold won Bronze in the 2024 Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards.

Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards

The Business Challenges 

Hamilton County Disability Services wanted to provide families with important information on how to handle life transitions with someone who has a disability. They designed a branded pamphlet with a QR code to drive people to their website for more information. Some of their clients have visual disabilities, so the brochure is oversized to compensate for large text. It was designed as an 16.5″ x 11.6″ folded to 9″ x 12″. They came to Evolution creative solutions for printing.    

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

After considering who would be using the brochure, our Design Solutions team recommended a durable glossy paper. The heavier weight and smooth surface are the right choice for a brochure that may be kept long-term. Printed on 16.5″ x 11.6″ and folded to 9″ x 12″, this could be used to hold other important information. Hamilton County Disability Services was pleased with the results and proud to provide this useful folded brochure to their families in need. 

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Paper stock100lb Endurance Gloss CoverThis paper provides a smooth, shiny surface and professional appearance.
Finish size16.536” 11.639”
folded to 9” x 12”
Sized to hold paper inserts, if needed. 
Fold Score and fold 
PrintingDigital printing Digital printing is an efficient print process.