Direct Mail for Lung Cancer Screening is a Lifesaver

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Client: The Christ Hospital Health Network  

Project: The Christ Hospital Lung Cancer Screening Direct Mail 

Print Challenge: The mission of The Christ Hospital Health Network is to improve the health of the community. One way they act on their mission is through direct mail notifications of available health screenings. In 2021 The Christ Hospital Health Network wanted to mail 15,500 households with information on a newly available twenty second lung screening targeting ages 55 to 77. They expected the mailer would drive people to get the lung screening and they wanted to manage the response rate to match capacity so they didn’t want to drop the entire mailing all at once. They needed a print vendor who could manage a more complicated mail timeline. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: After discussing the project our customer solutions representative determined that Evolution creative solutions could handle the project. All 15,500 postcards were printed in one batch but mailed in batches of 3,000 every three months until all cards were mailed. That provided the best cost savings on printing while allowing The Christ Hospital Health Network to manage the responses within their capacity. 

After printing the direct mail postcards, we worked with our HIPPA-complaint mail house to address and mail the notifications in batches. 

If you want to explore the benefits of batch mailing your large direct mail projects contact us at     [email protected] or call 513-681-4450. You can also complete an online request here

The Impact of Direct Mail: The call to action on this direct mail campaign was for qualifying individuals to take a lung cancer screening test at The Christ Hospital Health Network. One recipient followed through and discovered she had lung cancer. By responding to a direct mail postcard her lung cancer was detected early and she received treatment. The impact of this direct mail brought the mission of The Christ Hospital Health Network to life.

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