Learn how our Beyond Ink® e-commerce system simplified a business process for this leading textile supplier 

Our automated e-commerce system Beyond Ink® is an innovative, customer-led ordering platform. Take a look at how Beyond Ink simplified a business process for this Cincinnati – based textile supplier.

Client: Down Decor

Business Challenge: Down Decor is a leading bulk down supplier to the home textiles, fashion and outdoor industries. They work with over twenty national and global brands, fulfilling orders for hundreds of different duvets, pillows, comforters, and bed toppers. With each item, Down Decor inserts a customized product card. The cards are sized per product and per brand requirements. Each card contains branding, product specifications, images, and text. The process of printing, sorting, and storing these cards was cumbersome and costly. If changes were made on product specifications requiring new printed inserts, then Down Decor had inventory it needed to destroy while simultaneously updating the insert art and printing new cards. Down Decor wanted a simplified solution.

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink® customized marketing platform was the right solution for Down Decor.The system enables them to order batches of product cards as needed so there’s less waste and less printed inventory to store. Additional e-commerce capabilities include:  

  • Customized brand categories with ability to add future brands
  • Customized product lists per brand with the ability to add future products
  • Image previews of cards when placing an order to ensure accuracy
  • Purchasing available through PO numbers 
  • Orders searchable by order number, shipping address, order date 
  • Minimum order requirements enforced 
  • Advanced reporting capabilities 

To use the online ordering system, users choose the brand and product they are fulfilling. The user will see a preview of the insert as well as details including the finished size, print colors, and paper stock. To place an order the user enters a quantity and if there is a minimum requirement the system enforces that amount. Evolution creative solutions will then print and ship the correct inserts to the Down Decor factory. 

Not only does this system simplify the process of printing product inserts, but it also provides price control. Because the product cards are ordered in batches, we gang print their cards and can offer bulk discounts based on this streamlined manufacturing process.  

System administrators can run reports at any time to gain insights on purchasing activity and more. 

The development process for a Beyond Ink e-commerce marketing hub

  • Consult with our client solution experts to design your custom platform 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds the platform based your input 
  • Employees log on to place an order
  • Evolution creative solutions fulfills order 
  • Printed items are delivered to your business 

Building a custom marketing hub for Down Decor simplified the process for printing and fulfilling custom insert cards as well as reduced waste and provided cost controls.  

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can simplify your business processes! 

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