Make a smashing visual effect for your business opening   

Our client, BZMS Events, needed to generate excitement at the opening of a local hospital’s emergency department expansion. Learn how our Creative Solutions team innovated a tear-apart banner for a smashing visual effect. 

The Business Problem

UCHealth® in Cincinnati opened an emergency department expansion and wanted to inform the public about this new facility. They hired BZMS Events to plan a special ribbon-cutting event. BZMS imagined showcasing the new UC Health Mobile Stroke Unit during the event by having it drive through a banner. They reached out to Evolution creative solutions to make that vision come to life. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution

Creating a banner that would tear on impact was a new assignment for Evolution creative solutions. While printing large format banners is a common project for us, banners that split easily upon impact are not. We first tested the concept with a blank banner that was 2’ x 10’. The impact of the vehicle on the banner forcefully pulled it out of the hands of the UC staff holding it instead of splitting apart. For a second test we taped two eight-feet by five-feet banners together and that time the impact of the mobile unit on the banner caused it to split. Based on that success we printed a long banner with a perforated seam in the middle. It worked beautifully and the banner split as if cut by scissors.  

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Run size 54” x 0 The custom event required a  2’ by 10’ banner.
Paper Stock MattePaper with a matte finish provides a quality print surface. 
Perforation 1- perf The banner was perforated to split as soon as the vehicle hit it.