Print Custom Binders for Your Next Employee Training 

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St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Cincinnati, OH partners with Evolution creative solutions  for much of their print marketing and they maintain a Beyond Ink marketing platform. When they needed a printer to print, collate, and bind a 226 page training binder for medical assistants, they turned to the experts at Evolution.

The Business Problem

The complexity of the training binder requires a custom approach. The content provided included some oversized pages that need to be folded to maintain a standard page size of 9” x 11”. Front and back covers as well as a title spine need to be printed and inserted appropriately. Tabs need to be inserted between sections. The thickness of a 226-page book requires drilling and inserting pages into the binder. Throughout the year as information is updated various pages of the binder need to be reprinted. 

St. Elizabeth Healthcare wanted a single partner to manage the print, binding, and reprints throughout the year. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our customer solution team developed a plan to meet the needs for St. Elizabeth Healthcare. First they determined that it would save the customer money to source the oversize binder from a local vendor instead of purchasing from a big box office supply store. 

Then, graphic designers worked with the content provided by the St. Elizabeth Healthcare team. They formatted the book and determined which pages were oversized and would need to be folded to a standard size of 9” x 11”. After inserting paper tabs between sections and inserting a cover and a spine sheet, the binders were complete.  

As a  Beyond Ink client St. Elizabeth employee’s can log inot the platform and order the training binders. For updates, our designers manage any layout changes and print just the changed pages for replacement. This cost saving approach is also environmentally friendly.   

Contact our experienced team at  [email protected] for expert advice on printing your complex training materials. Or call 513-681-4450 today. 

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Binder2” binder with pockets Oversize 3-ring binder sourced locally  
Cover paper stock 80lb Hammermill Uncoated CoverInserted into binder cover 
Paper stock28lb Hammermill Uncoated TextCost efficient stock paper; Some oversized sheets were folded to maintain a consistent size 9 x 11 size page. 
Tabs90lb White Tabs Tabs inserted into pages 
Spine View Sheet 80lb Hammermill Uncoated CoverInserted into binder spine 
Pocket Sheet 28lb Hammermill Uncoated TextInserted into binder
PrintingOffset Offset printing is cost effective for large print quantities. 
Drilling 3 hole drilling Required to insert pages into binder.