Professionally Installed Wall Murals Make a Visual Impact   

Learn how our expertise in graphic design and installation services is helping The Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati utilize their walls for impactful brand messaging. 

The Business Problem 

During the Covid pandemic The Christ Hospital Health Network decided to rebrand. For bold impact they designed wall murals using images of healthcare providers wearing masks. Now that the pandemic crisis has passed, the hospital would like to replace some of the images with images of un-maksed healthcare providers. Because of their existing partnership with Evolution creative solutions, they came to us for printing and installing the custom decals.    

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our Customer Solutions Team pays attention to details. For these wall murals our installers pre-measured walls creating templates showing the placement of outlets, vents, and thermostats. The designers were able to select and arrange images to camouflage the visual obstacles on the walls. The templates were so detailed they even included measurements for the height of railings that would block visibility to any text. As we work with the hospital to install refreshed images we are still following the templates and ensuring that the branded murals are readable and visually engaging. 

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Paper StockPrintable, adhesive-backed material suitable for walls. 
PrintingDigital Large format digital printer