Custom Swag is an Easy Way to Build Your Brand

Client: Easterseals Honor Ride

Project: Easterseals Honor Ride Swag Bag 

Challenge: Easterseals wanted to give swag bags of branded promotional items to cyclists participating in their annual cycling fundraiser for Veterans programs, the Easterseals Honor Ride. They needed a promotional items distributor who could find swag available on time and within budget during the supply chain issues caused by the Covid19 pandemic. They needed a designer to create the art, keeping the integrity of the campaign on all promotional items. They also needed a distributor who could match the brand PMS colors across a variety of materials and sourced from different suppliers. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: We determined with Easterseals that the swag bags would include honor ribbons, cinch sacks, bike jerseys, race bibs, and sport bottles. All items were purchased from U.S.A. suppliers to ensure supply and delivery needs were met. Our in-house graphic artist designed the logo and coordinated the designs of all promotional items. Because we managed the project, we kept the integrity of the design and colors regardless of the material used for each promotional item.  

Swag bag highlights 

Bike jersey: Using dye sublimation the design was printed on all white fabric for a custom shirt. 

Racing bibs: Due to pandemic supply issues, the original stock was unavailable. We substituted with a 6 mil white synthetic paper which won’t tear. Ink adheres to it making it smudge proof. It’s also flexible for cyclists to wear while riding.

Sport bottle, honor ribbons, and cinch sack: These screen-printed items were color-coordinated between suppliers.

“Thank you, Evolution! The ribbons are the perfect size and easy to write on.  And the sticker on the back is a great addition for using them for display.  Score!” – Lauran McHaffie, Easterseals Honor Ride Annual Giving Leader

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