Thank donors with custom cards 

Thanking donors is key to creating long-lasting relationships. Pre-printed cards and envelopes help accomplish this task efficiently. Learn how! 

The Business Challenges 

Most nonprofits send thank you notes to donors throughout the year. Our client, Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR), wanted to avoid sending the same card to donors year after year. They wanted some cards with  a printed message and other cards blank for handwritten messages. They asked us for help.  

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our Creative Solutions team enjoys working with nonprofits. By using multiple images and printing a larger quantity Ohio Alleycat Resource had a variety of cards while taking advantage of bulk print price efficiencies. We used an endurance silk paper that would provide an excellent base for the images as well as a writable surface. All cards would be the same size, A-6,  so that only one size of envelope would need to be purchased, again providing efficiency. Ohio Alleycat Resource thanked us for providing a workable solution.

Thank you cards are a standard marketing item. To print your next batch contact us! Learn more at [email protected] or call 513-681-4450 today.

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Paper stock100lb Endurance Silk CoverThis heavier stock is durable with a smooth texture and writable surface. 
Finish size6” x 8” folded to 6” x 4” Standard card size avoids custom size costs 
Fold Score and fold One fold per card
Envelopes 6.5” x 4.75” Standard envelope size to avoid custom size costs 
PrintingDigital printing Digital printing is an efficient print process.