Custom Donut Wall

Client: The Christ Hospital

Challenge: The Christ Hospital wanted to create a donut wall for its gala afterparty. They leaned on the Evolution team to help imagine a design that would impress guests and, of course, hold plenty of donuts! 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: This project combined the best aspects of our team at Evolution. We tapped into our creativity and our team’s incredibly diverse skills to create a solution that we knew would ‘wow’ our client and all of their guests. One of our team members sketched, designed, and built this massive donut display out of wood. Our finishing department knew this piece needed to be easily transported, so the 12’x12’ finished design was two pieces that were easily assembled on site. We also constructed a rear weight and L-shaped base to support the design and protect both our clients and all of their guests. At the heart of this project was the need to hold donuts–and we wanted to be sure this was done in a sanitary, safe way.