Wall and Elevator Signage

Client: The Christ Hospital

Challenge: The Christ Hospital rolled out a new promotional campaign and wanted to tell the story through printed materials. Part of this campaign included creating coordinated elevator signage that was placed at multiple walls and elevators throughout The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: For The Christ Hospital, we worked quickly and efficiently to create floor, elevator door, and interior elevator signage for their promotional campaign. We coordinated with the maintenance and service team to halt traffic while we made accurate measurements. The elevator signage coordinated with large wall displays for the same promotional campaign. On this particular project, The Christ Hospital relied on our measurements and notations to create designs that considered important structural items like electrical outlets, existing signage, and more. We printed their designs on board and adhered the final pieces with industrial double-sided tape. The wall displays were cut from six different panels, and accurate measurements and notations ensured no panels were cut in the middle of a featured clients’ face or another central focus point.