How an Online Marketing Hub Made Processes Easier for One Hospital Network

Client: The Christ Hospital Health Network 

Business Challenge: In 2007 The Christ Hospital Health Network left the Cincinnati Health Alliance and became an independent entity. When this happened they had to organize a vast amount of forms and standard marketing pieces. The end result had to be user friendly, accessible to staff, allow for expansion as new materials were created, include a payment platform and reporting capabilities. They decided they wanted an online marketing hub. 

Every standard form used throughout the hospital from medical records to consent forms to order forms needed to be recreated in new digital files. Standard branded business materials including thank you cards and appointment reminders also had to be recreated as new digital files. Marketing wanted employees to have quick access to the documents with the ability to print on-demand and to order bundles to be delivered to their hospital location. Marketing also wanted employees to be able to order pre-approved promotional items, brochures, posters and more. The payment system would be based on the cost centers of the hospital.  

It was an overwhelming problem. Marketing staff didn’t have the capacity or the tools to capture all the thousands of forms, create new digital files, and house them in a way that all employees could access, order and pay. The job was complex and they needed an experienced vendor with e-commerce platform capabilities.   

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink® customized marketing platform was the right solution for The Christ Hospital Health Network. These e-commerce capabilities met their needs: 

  • Customized product categories with ability to add future categories
  • Purchasing assigned to cost centers
  • Smart shipping to hospital locations
  • Digital file access of forms for IT downtown 
  • Advanced reporting capabilities 

The hospital provided thousands of forms and marketing materials and we scanned them to create the files saved in the system. Users can choose from many categories including forms, badges, and promotional items. Customizable items allow the user to choose the appropriate logo and color combination. For business cards, the user can input their information and then review an online proof before ordering. Additional items can be added to the system as needed.

Once the user inputs the quantity for the order, they are required to select their shipping location at the hospital.  Once we fulfill the order, we deliver it to the hospital loading dock and from there it is transported to the specific hospital department/location using the pre-populated routing information. The custom logistics of shipping and delivery make a seamless ordering procedure for departments.   

Users are also required to select the correct hospital cost centers from a drop down list during checkout. The cost center and shipping location do not have to match, further simplifying the ordering and delivery process.  

System administrators can run reports at any time to gain insights on purchasing, cost center activity, department use and more. 

The development process for a Beyond Ink e-commerce marketing hub

  • Consult with our client solution experts to design your custom platform 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds the platform based your input 
  • Employees log on and print on demand or shop for desired items
  • Evolution creative solutions fulfills order 
  • Orders delivered to the employee at their designated location 

Building a custom marketing hub empowered employees and administrators with quick, easy access to the vast number of forms and marketing documents used to keep the hospital running smoothly. 

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can simplify your employee online ordering and more! 

Demo the e-commerce platform here! Email [email protected] or call 513 681 4450 for more information.