Award winning crisis communication book stands out on the shelf

Booklet, offset printing, borg saddle stitch

When crises happen employees need immediate access to directions for handling the situation. Learn how we collaborated with a local hospital to print a reference booklet that stands out during an emergency. Our focus on this high quality print resulted in a booklet that won Silver in the 2023 Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards.

The Business Problem

UC Health Cincinnati’s marketing and communications team needed to develop a tool-kit for employees to reference in a crisis. The booklet needed to stand out and be perceived as important. One booklet would be printed for all staff, but staff needed a way to make notes for details like phone numbers that would be unique to their department. While color was important, they wanted to keep costs down without losing visual impact.   

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our customer solution team developed a print plan to meet the needs for this crisis communications booklet. For the booklet to stand out we recommended a landscape design which would literally stick out from standard size books, papers, and folders. We also recommended printing the cover in the brand color, solid Pantone 186, a red recognized as a color for emergencies. A high-gloss paper used for the cover added to the impression that the booklet was a valuable resource. To keep the pages visually appealing and easy to scan, and to reduce print costs, we recommended using a spot color on the headers of each page replicating the red on the cover. Additional blank pages were included in the back of the booklet for employees to make notes. The booklet was saddle stitched for a professional finished appearance. 

The visually bold booklet is now a stand out reference for employees during crisis communications situations. 

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Project Specifications Rationale
Cover paper stock100# Endurance glossA glossy paper for the cover  enhances the bold color and professional look.
PrintingOffsetOffset printing was the preferred print process because it allows for more accuracy in color.
BindingBorg Saddle stitchA saddle stitch will lay flat and stay open while flipping through pages, making it easier to read.