Catholic Charities Backdrop Wall

Client: Catholic Charities 

Challenge: Catholic Charities was preparing for their 100-year celebration and gala. To mark the event, the organization wanted a dual-purpose backdrop wall that provided a unique and interesting backdrop for attendees to take photos in front of during the event and also communicated important information about the history of the organization. After the event, the backdrop would be used long-term as a wall display.

Evolution’s Creative Solution: There was an important consideration for this project, which was that the material on which the information and design needed to be visibly interesting and able to display text and images while also being photo-friendly, meaning the surface could not have a reflective glare. Our creative team printed the provided design on a photo-text material that is similar to cloth. Using this material, our team was able to create a crisp, clear visual that reduced reflection and glare and could be used in an office setting for the long-term. After the gala was complete, we installed the backdrop on a wall in the Catholic Charities office as a commemorative piece.