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Print Challenge: To curate and build their brand, Steve Sylvester & Associates mail a targeted newsletter about every other month to homeowners showcasing recent homes for sale and recently sold properties. Throughout the month, office staff compile photos of sales and new properties, but they don’t have the time to design the layout, print, address and mail the newsletters. They wanted a vendor who could handle production so that the realtors and staff could focus on their primary objective of selling real estate. Having worked with Evolution creative solutions on yard signs, brochures and flyers they approached us with this additional project. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: After reviewing the art files and mail list provided by Steve Sylvester & Associates, we determined the best design would be an 11 x 17 newsletter. We folded the piece to provide a front and back cover and one full spread with a page highlighting homes for sale and a page highlighting recently sold properties. The back cover would be subdivided into marketing content and the address label with postage. The piece would then be folded to 5.5 x 8.5 to mail. 

We would print, score, and fold the newsletters before sending them to the fulfillment house for addressing, mailing and wafer seals. The newsletter would need a wafer seal, or tab, on the leading edge and top to secure the edges together as it went  through the USPS sorting machines.  For the best customer convenience, we used our Evolution creative solutions mail permit and indicia. The real estate marketing newsletter arrived in mailboxes of potential clients to keep them informed about real estate options available through Steve Sylvester & Associates.

Project SpecificationsMaterials / Process / SpecsRationale
Print processDigital For a large print run of over 5,000, digital offers the best pricing
Run size11 x 17
Finish size after folding5.5 x 8.5
Paper stock100lb Silk Text

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