Custom Design Your Fundraising Mailer for Maximum Impact

Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards Bronze Winner

Meticulous design won this Planned Parenthood direct mail piece Bronze in the Creative / Design category of the 2024 Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards.  Learn how Evolution creative solutions leveraged our design and print capabilities to personalize this fundraising message. 

Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards Bronze Winner

The Business Problem 

The Director of Development at Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region wanted to execute a new fundraiser. Instead of sending the same message to all recipients she wanted to personalize the content to each donor. Not just by using the donor’s name, but also by including previous giving, the number of years the donor had been giving, and providing pledge options based on previous giving. She needed a printer who could execute with excellence using variable information. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

The Graphic Design Team assigned to the project worked with the client on the content to include in the direct mailer. The client provided pages of information for the design team to condense. Starting from scratch, the team sorted content into sections, prioritized messaging based on the client’s requests, and created a layout for review. Within the sections, the designers included placeholders for the variable information that would be personalized for each recipient during printing. 

Based on the amount and type of content, the designers recommended using a trifold (2-folds) with one fold perforated. The tear-off remittance card was pre-populated with the donor’s name and address allowing the donor to select their pledge and return the card with their donation. By sealing the open edge with adhesive tabs the trifold became a self-mailer avoiding the cost for separate envelopes. 

The project was a complex challenge. The resulting mailer was award-winning. 

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Project Specifications  Rationale
Paper Stock80lb Endurance Silk CoverDesigned for digital printing with an elegant feel  
PrintingDigital Cost effective for larger quantities 
Perforated  Perforate at edge remittance cardPerforate edge allows the receiver to tear off and mail in the card with their donation.
Fold2-folds  2 folds created a trifold mailer 
Tabs2 tabs applied   Tabs are USPS approved for use to keep the mailer closed through the mail process. 
Mail Evolution creative solutions mailed the printed trifolds.