Outsource Printing to Save Time and Keep Employees on Task

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Client: The Division of Veterinary Services at Cincinnati Children’s 

Project: Vet Cage Cards 

Print Challenge: The Division of Veterinary Services at Cincinnati Children’s manages hundreds of animals and each animal is closely monitored. Staff caring for the animals used a color-coded note system to record and post information related to procedures, medication and housing. Unfortunately, staff spent hours hand-cutting the thousands of note cards used quarterly. It was an inefficient use of their time. They needed to outsource the printing and cutting of these note cards so staff could spend time caring for the animals. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: We recommended that Cincinnati Children’s Division of Veterinary Services incorporate a standardized, print-on-demand system to streamline the process. Off-set printing is used to print the cards on Astrobright paper in batches of up to 10,000. Each batch is then cut to custom size. To further automate reprints, we worked with Cincinnati Children’s to pre-approve the layout, color, and content on each card. Authorized employees can now request reprints as needed, and we fulfill the orders and deliver the printed, cut cards directly to Cincinnati Children’s. 

Digital printing the restock orders and delivering them to Cincinnati Children’s Division of Veterinary Services saves employee time while maintaining their efficient business process for notes. 

Increase efficiencies for your employees and let us handle printing and cutting for your business notes. Contact us at [email protected] or call 513-681-4450. 

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