Spirit of Construction Event Invitation

Client: Spirit of Construction

Project: Event Invitation

Challenge: The team behind the Spirit of Construction annual event was in need of a change to their standard event invitations and materials. They turned to our team to increase the size of the invitation, develop a new event logo, and create a new event slogan.

Evolution’s Creative Solution: When you’ve developed an event as large as the Spirit of Construction annual dinner, updating materials can feel like a challenge. Our team came together to develop the creative elements behind this event–from the invitations to the signage to the programs, everything needed to be updated and refreshed. We increased the size of the invitation and updated the look to match a new logo and incorporate the new slogan of “Let’s Raise the Bar,” but we knew it was important to keep the look consistent with previous years. Thousands of households receive the invitation each year, and the invitations and designs needed to be recognizable and familiar. Our design team updated the design, logo, and slogan of the Spirit of Construction event invitations, programs, and signage to retain consistent elements from previous years while adding new details and visuals.