Take a Mini-Me on Your Next Sales Call and Stand Out from Your Competition  

Looking for a clever leave behind for your sales team? Consider a custom mini standup to remind potential clients about you and your company. 

The Business Problem 

The Texas based HR company Insperity wanted to stand out from the competition. In addition to the typical information found on a business card the sales team wanted an unexpected and fun leave behind. They brainstormed personalized mini cut outs of their sales team members and approached Evolution creative solutions to bring the idea to life.      

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our Customer Solution Team loved the creative challenge. They determined the best option would be to glue a full-body photo of each sales person to a 6-inch easel. After trying several poses the designer decided the better option would be to photoshop the faces of the sales team onto stock photos. We laser cut the image to create a mini desktop stand-up. The final piece is a clever marketing leave-behind with contact information on a uniquely branded piece.   

Add some fun to your customer calls by creating a one-of-a-kind calling card. Let us help you stand out from your competition. Contact [email protected], call 513-681-4450, or complete an online request here https://evo-creative.com/contact-us

Project Specifications  Rationale
Easel stock 6 inches; 24 pt cardboardAn appropriate size for a desktop leave behind.  
PrintingDigital Large format digital printer 
Laser cut Laser cut images Cut-outs create visual impact