The Christ Hospital e-Commerce Apparel

Client: The Christ Hospital 

Project: e-Commerce Custom Apparel 

Need: The Christ Hospital tasked Evolution creative solutions with managing their online store for branded apparel. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: After laying out the 20+ variations of the iconic Christ Hospital logo, Evolution creative solutions paired each with possible apparel requests. Our team established a system to ensure The Christ Hospital logo would clearly show up on each item, from fleece to quarter zip, deep blue to bright white. 

Final Project: The end result was a clear online ordering page that guides each shopper through the process step-by-step. As the orders came in, Evolution creative solutions completed weekly embroidery, packaging, and shipping. Our team continues to make sure each item is in-demand and in-stock. This partnership has proven to be successful for more than 6 years. 

Services Showcased: Customized Apparel, One-Off, E-Commerce, Beyond Ink, Brand Management, Shipping, Embroidery