Children’s book for heart patients wins print excellence award

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Storybooks are a powerful way to communicate with children and adults. When The Christ Hospital approached us to print a children’s book for them to use as a fundraiser, our customer solutions team was eager to help. The collaborative project resulted in a booklet that won Silver in the 2023 Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards.

The Business Problem

The Christ Hospital Health Network in Greater Cincinnati is a world leader in heart care. One special pediatric patient received a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). He would often talk with the adult LVAD patients about his “cool heart robots.” To document Jayden’s story and his unique way of explaining a complicated cardiac machine in simple ways, the hospital decided to commission the children’s book “Jayden & the 3 Robots:  A boy’s very special journey to learn about the LVAD” and sell it as a fundraiser.

Evolution’s Creative Solution 

Our customer solution team delighted in advising the hospital on an approach to printing a children’s book. After recommending an appropriate size and number of pages suitable for a child, a writer and designer create the book filled with colorful illustrations. We recommended a saddle stitch to bind the 8-page book so that the reader could lay the book open and it would remain open as they flipped through the pages.  

This printed children’s book has now helped hundreds of heart patients learn about the LVAD.

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Project SpecificationsRationale
Cover paper stock120lb Endurance Silk CoverThis heavier paper allows for uniform color application and superior toner adhesion making for a colorful cover.
PrintingDigital The cover and all pages were full color, digital print.
BindingBorg Saddle StitchA saddle stitch will lay flat and stay open while flipping through pages, making it easier to read.