Online Store Makes Ordering Company Items Quick and Easy

Our automated e-commerce system Beyond Ink® is an innovative, customer-led ordering platform that allows you to order items from your company’s approved gallery of products from any place at any time. Take a look at how one company used Beyond Ink ® to help them set up an online store of branded apparel and promotional items that employees can shop, purchase, and ship to themselves.

Client: Elevar Design Group

Business Challenge: Elevar Design Group is a large design company with offices in several tri-state cities. They wanted to simplify the processes involved in providing employees with branded apparel, safety wear, and promotional items. While they wanted to manage the items available for purchase to ensure everything was correctly branded, they didn’t want to hassle with inventory, large minimum orders, shipping, payments or customer service. They also wanted to provide custom messaging for use on various pages of the online store to communicate specifics to employees. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink® customized online store was the right solution. Our in-house support team worked with Elevar Design Group to select the apparel, safety wear, and promotional items that would be available in the online store. Some items are embroidered and others use heat transfers to add the logo, name, or department. Elevar Design Group provides custom messaging for page content throughout the store. They can email content updates to our in-house support team for uploading to the site. We also work with Elevar Design Group to keep the items in the store current and fresh, replacing items that aren’t being ordered as needed.   

Employees create accounts when they log on and shop. Minimum order is one so employees can order as needed.  Purchases are paid by the employee at checkout and Elevar Design Group doesn’t manage any of the online payments. 

Because Evolution handles the execution, fulfillment, and shipping Elevar Design Group doesn’t keep apparel inventory on hand, freeing up space and reducing costs. If Elevar Design Group selects a promotional item that requires a minimum order from the vendor, we will order the minimum number and Elevar Design Group pays for any unsold inventory. 

Employees receive email notifications when orders are placed and when they ship. When the orders are fulfilled, we deliver to the Cincinnati office free of charge and ship to other cities as cost effectively as possible. 

Administrators of the Elevar Design Group e-commerce platform can run reports at any time to review orders placed. Our in-house support staff know when items are discontinued from a vendor and work with Elevar Design Group to keep the items in the store current and fresh, replacing items that aren’t being ordered as needed.   

The simplified process of Beyond Ink for an employee e-commerce store:

  • Marketing works with our in-house team to select apparel and promotional items 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds the platform 
  • Employees log on and shop for desired items
  • Employees check out and  pay for items online
  • Evolution creative solutions fulfills order 
  • Orders delivered to the Cincinnati office and shipped to other locations  
  • Online store options updated regularly 

Automating the process of ordering branded apparel and promotional items with the Beyond Ink online store saves time, avoids costly inventory and provides employees with on-demand shopping.  

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can simplify employee online ordering and more! 

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