Marketing E-commerce Site Makes Brand Compliance Easy at Regional Offices

Client: Farm Credit Mid-America 

Business Challenge: Farm Credit Mid-America is a financial services cooperative for farmers and rural residents across Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. With employees spread across four states and new locations popping up they needed an online solution for providing branded marketing materials. Employees needed one-stop shopping for items like employee awards, customer appreciation, new office opening, advertising, public relations, printed collateral, and recruitment. Farm Credit Mid-America wanted users to pay for orders with a credit card and have items shipped to a location. This type of online marketing hub would allow the Marketing team to provide branded materials to all locations with a streamlined process for ordering. Farm Credit Mid-America needed a vendor with the experience and capabilities to build this online hub as well as the capabilities to print and fulfill orders.  

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink® customized marketing platform was the right solution for Farm Credit Mid-America. Evolution creative solutions designed the platform based on the categories, permissions, payment options and reporting capabilities they wanted. These e-commerce features met their needs: 

  • Branded site for employee use 
  • Product categories with ability to add future categories
  • Customizable and personalized products
  • Credit card purchasing 
  • Direct shipping to locations in multiple states
  • Advanced reporting capabilities 

Farm Credit Mid-America wanted employees to logon to a branded marketing hub designed for easy user interaction. They worked with an ad agency to brand the site with the logo and brand colors. The ad agency provided thumbnail images of each available item for quick visual cues. The flexibility of the Beyond Ink platform allows the ad agency to update site branding as well as update and add visual icons using the content management system that is a part of the platform. This capability streamlines processes for adding new materials and deleting outdated ones. 

Marketing materials available include everything from printed materials like billboards and brochures to radio and print ads. Items are available in bulk order. For things like business cards the user can input personal information and view a proof online before ordering. Other items like a newspaper ad allow the user to input information that is automatically formatted into a branded and sized layout. The user can download a .pdf of the ad to send to the publication. In addition to print ads, users can access radio and television ads, too. 

Credit card purchasing and direct shipping further simplify the process for accessing marketing materials. Administrators can run reports as needed to track usage and replace or add items as needed. 

The development process for a Beyond Ink e-commerce marketing hub

  • Consult with our client solution experts to design your custom platform 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds the platform based on your input 
  • Coordinate with ad agency for site branding 
  • Employees log on and print on demand or shop for desired items
  • Employees create digital ads and print ready art 
  • Employees check out and pay their portion 
  • Evolution creative solutions fulfills order 
  • Orders shipped to designated location 

Building one marketing hub for a centralized region ensured brand recognition across state lines. The user-friendly interface simplified the process for accessing business and marketing materials. 

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can empower your employees across the country! 

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