Custom step cut booklet wins award for print excellence

Publishing information in a print format that is appealing and usable can be a challenge. Our dedication to accomplishing that goal for one of our customers resulted in a step-cut booklet that won Silver in the 2023 Graphic Media Alliance Print Excellence Awards.

The Business Problem

StriveTogether® needed to publish a 36-page reference booklet of their Theory of Action™ that encouraged reader interaction with the content. They wanted the piece to include a way for the reader to easily access different areas of content without having to reference a table of contents. It was important to them that the booklet was visually appealing and easy to reference.    

Evolution’s Creative Solution

Our dedicated customer solution team developed a print solution for StriveTogether that addressed their needs: a step-cut booklet. A step cut is a customized cut of booklet pages to make pages that vary in length creating “steps” of paper. The width of the step becomes a tab for easy access to content on a certain topic. The steps read like a table of contents providing almost instant access to organized information. The number of pages for each section can be customized to fit the amount of content in that topic, eliminating excess blank pages. The use of color further enhances the visual organization for the reader.  A saddle stitch holds the booklet together securely.  

StriveTogether can now share the data and information on their Theory of Action with confidence knowing the reader can navigate the content with ease. 

Don’t confuse potential customers or donors with books that make it hard to read information about your organization. Consult with us about custom step cut pages and get people interacting with your content now. Go to  [email protected] or call 513-681-4450 today!

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Project SpecificationsRationale
BindingBorg Saddle StitchA saddle stitch will lay flat and stay open while flipping through pages, making it easier to read.
CuttingStep cutting A custom step cut creates page tabs for easy navigation of content.
PrintDigitalThe full-color capabilities of the digital printer allowed us to print the entire book on one printer and maintain color consistency.