Marketing Hub Makes Managing Multiple Cost Centers Easy

Client: AAA

Business Challenge: With hundreds of agents working at over 100 different cost centers,  AAA needed automated help managing information and materials for all of them. They wanted all agents to access an online marketing hub where they could upload a bio, generate a business card, create marketing materials and order promotional items. All marketing materials had to be designed from branded print-ready templates and sent for review and approval. AAA even wanted to provide agents with directions on how to set up events and provide explanations on approval processes. They wanted reporting capabilities as well. The job was complex and included building a database of employee information, segmenting groups based on titles, programming in capabilities for variable spending accounts and layering in security through approval groups.

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink® customized online store was the right solution for AAA. After building a database of employees, we segmented employees into groups. Each group is based on approval rules used for budget tracking and content control.  Budget requests and content changes on marketing materials are escalated for approval based on the group permissions. AAA now has the flexibility to provide an automated approval process based on an employee’s level in the company. 

Agents can login and upload bio information which is sent to the third party vendor for review. Agents can generate business cards when they need them. AAA controls the design of the business card, ensuring all agents carry properly branded cards. Agents can also customize marketing materials like brochures, folders and signs. 

Agents can even order trade show kits and promotional give-away items, all customizable. Evolution creative solutions fulfills and ships orders directly to the Agent.  Because we keep a six-month stock of promotional items available AAA doesn’t have to warehouse promotional items. 

AAA programmed into the e-commerce site an automated credit feature. Based on the agent’s job title, AAA either paid 100% of the cost or  split the cost between the agent and the company. Any company paid amount is automatically applied to the agent’s order, and the agent is prompted to pay any remainder with a credit card.  

The simplified process of Beyond Ink for an employee e-commerce store:

  • Marketing works with our in-house team to select promotional items 
  • Marketing provides design and standard information needed for business cards and marketing materials 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds the platform based on customer input 
  • Agents log on and shop for desired items
  • Agents check out and pay their portion 
  • Evolution creative solutions fulfills order 
  • Orders delivered to the Agent  

Features of the AAA online store: 

Business benefits to AAA: 

  • Capital budget disbursements to agents as credits
  • Parallel and sequential approval rules
  • Customized categories 
  • Intranet links 
  • Hidden categories
  • Required fields per order
  • Custom products that have questions
  • Variable products that produce proofs
  • Preconfigured billing addresses
  • Various reporting settings
  • Non-print items
  • Print ready files – variable graphic design
  • Inventory handled by Evolution creative solutions

Business benefits to AAA Agents: 

  • Customized items
  • Personalized items 
  • Credit card pay
  • Favorite orders that can be saved for fast reordering
  • Tailored messaging
  • Shipping on their own account 
  • Send notification to others

Building a custom marketing hub that includes permissions and other unique features serves the needs of agents and simplifies processes for AAA. 

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can simplify employee online ordering and more! 

Test the online system here! Email [email protected] or call 513 681 4450 for more information.