Capabilities Brochure

Client: Hightowers Petroleum Co 

Challenge: Hightowers Petroleum Company came to us for a way to clearly communicate their capabilities to global customers in one easy-to-follow print. 

Evolution’s Creative Solution: The Evo design team worked hand in hands with Hightowers Petroleum Company’s designers. Together, we created a high-end, intricately designed brochure, starting with a multi-color foil cover. With their vision in mind, we directed foil placement to set the stage for the following pages. The visually intriguing piece continued with varnished pages layered with matte text for a better reading experience. This yearly project is now a seamless process, easily adaptable and repeatable with every reprint. We helped Hightower Petroleum Company communicate their capabilities in a premium way with the use of properly placed colored foils, varnishes, and matte text. With those extra touches, their global customers are sure to think of them first. 

This brochure won silver in the 2020 Print Excellence Awards from Graphic Media Alliance.

Silver award winner for Print Excellent Awards