Online Store Makes Shopping for Branded Apparel Quick and Easy

Our automated e-commerce system Beyond Ink® is an innovative, customer-led ordering platform that allows you to order items from your company’s approved gallery of products from any place at any time. Take a look at how one company used Beyond Ink to set up an online store of branded apparel. 

Client: Neyer Properties  

Business Challenge: As an industrial real estate development company, Neyer Properties takes pride in their brand and wants employees to wear brand apparel especially when they are working out of the office. To order Neyer Properties apparel employees used to complete a paper order form leaving Marketing responsible for managing orders, payments and delivering requested items. Every year, employees got new Neyer Properties apparel. Marketing knew that employees who feel comfortable and stylish in branded apparel are more likely to wear it. They wanted to save time and empower employees to choose their preferred style and fit from a variety of apparel items.  They wanted employees to pay online for their orders, but they also wanted the option to set up spending accounts for employees in case they wanted to gift them credit to use toward new apparel.  

Evolution’s Creative Solution: Our Beyond Ink customized online store was the right solution. Our in-house support team worked with Neyer Properties Marketing to select the apparel that would be available in the online store. Marketing provided the logos and determined placement of the logos on each item to ensure the Neyer Properties brand was implemented correctly. 

We built the platform so the Administrator can set up spending accounts for employees. Credits are applied to the order at check-out and employees pay the remaining costs out of pocket. 

Because we handle the execution and fulfillment Neyer Properties doesn’t have to keep any inventory on hand, freeing up space and reducing costs. Employees can go online and select and pay for the items they want, from collared shirts to fleece zip-ups. The minimum order is one so employees can order as needed. We ship the order to the corporate office and Neyer Properties distributes orders to employees, saving on shipping costs. 

Marketing can run reports on demand to see what employees are purchasing. Our in-house support staff know when items are discontinued from a vendor and work with Neyer Properties to keep the items in the store current and fresh, replacing items that aren’t being ordered as needed.   

The simplified process of Beyond Ink for an employee apparel store:

  • Marketing works with in-house team to select apparel and determine colors and logo placement to adhere to branding 
  • Evolution creative solutions builds platform 
  • Employees log on and shop for desired items
  • Employees check out and  pay for items online
  • Evolution creative solutions fulfills the order 
  • Order delivered to corporate office  
  • Employee picks up order 
  • Online store updated regularly 

Automating the process of ordering branded apparel with the Beyond Ink online store saves time, avoids costly inventory and provides employees with on-demand shopping.  

Take a tour of the Beyond Ink solution and learn how this e-commerce platform can simplify employee online ordering and more! 

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