Employees Love the Ease of a Pop-Up Shop

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Employees want to show company pride by wearing branded apparel that fits them well and looks stylish. Here’s how the Elevar Design Group personalized the experience of online shopping for their employees. 

Make it easy for employees to dress in your brand
Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Elevar Design Group has spent multiple years on the list of top places to work. To leverage company pride, Elevar Design Group previously invested in an e-commerce site with Evolution creative solutions that are stocked with branded apparel and promotional items from hoodies, Oxfords, and Eddie Bauer vests to cufflinks, briefcases, and umbrellas. 

To encourage employees to purchase updated items, Elevar Design Group invited us onsite for an employee apparel pop-up sale. Employees could see, touch and try on a variety of apparel options and then order their preferred size and style online immediately. Employees were also able to customize the apparel by choosing the item color as well as the logo version they wanted. 

Because Elevar continuously updates the products available on their online store, we have an inventory of past styles and products that never sold out. We brought this inventory to the onsite pop-up sale. Employees could grab and buy promotional items without ever having to leave the office. One employee told us he didn’t know he could get an Elevar hat so he was buying one that day! 

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E-commerce home page